Life as a phenomena can take many shapes. It starts with cells and ends in human.
I am not a supporter of this hierarchic view. Without other animals and plants, air and water, we die. We as humans are actually not independent and the summit of evolution. I suggest, we should rethink our view on correlations. I suggest further, we should rethink our origin and the logic of biological development.

Just a thought experiment:
The common idea is that life developed from cells to more complex systems. That is fine so far. But did we ever think about what is behind that development? Why does life behave like this? Why does it slip into so many different lifeforms?

These thoughts led me to think about the intention or the will of a something, or furthermore of something like a virus. „Virus“ has a negative connotation, but it carries existential features, such as resistance and the absolute will for survival. The code for life is DNA, wich is a carrier of basic information and it is very adoptable.

What if the development of life is a strategy of that virus to survive? What, if that information carrier always adopts to the current circumstances? And it spreads it´s information as far as possible, in various forms, just to make sure it will survive?
For example: There was a time on Earth when circumstances were rough and hostile for human life. It was impossible for a human to survive in 100 degrees hot water. But there are organisms that can live in that heat. Nowadays, the atmosphere has changed. Life can take many forms. In case something happens, there is enough left of another species. But an ant is - under normal circumstances - not able to travel to space. Human is. And they are hardly working on it. We are about to transport our DNA into space.

So what if the transport of DNA into space is an expansion of that virus? The will to survive and to spread everywhere takes the next step.

What if the transport of DNA into digital systems is another kind of a saving strategy?