W A T E R | Cooperation with Marie Lynn Speckert | short opera | 7min 56sec | 2022
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W A T E R is a short opera on the rapid loss of glaciers in Iceland and all over the world. It is a brief but intense comment on the speed at which the ice melts. The length of the opera is adapted to our perceptual habits, influenced by social media. W A T E R asks: Is there still time to fix it, or is it too late?

Watch the trailer of W A T E R here.
Listen to W A T E R here.
Parts of W A T E R are online here and here.

Drone shots: Alessa Brossmer
Sound: Marie Lynn Speckert
Mastering: Enrico Mercaldi

With permission of Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður / Vatnajökull National Park