mission EARTH | Long term project | 2014 -
images (selection): Iceland | 2019

mission EARTH started in 2014 in the Mont-Blanc-Massive and is focused on landscape research.
Surroundings as the Alps or the landscape of Iceland minimise the perceived distance between earth and space. Coming from an industialised and well settled area, the empathy for landscapes - including rocks, moss or ice - is provoked by concreted streets and electrified wires. The awareness for being on a planet in deep space, circling around the sun, gets lost. We are about to detect other planets, design processes for settling on them or to grow plants. New land and resources will be discovered. mission EARTH explores terrain of bizzare forms, staggering phenomena or hostile ambience. The impressions get later transformed to e.g. aluminium casts.
In the past, there had been several projects on mission EARTH :
mission EARTH | reproducing nature
mission EARTH | L├╝nersee (AUT)
mission EARTH | Teufelsmauer
mission EARTH | Mont Blanc Massif

mission EARTH | Teufelsmauer